Friday, August 22, 2008

No News Yet...

This whole adoption waiting thing is tough. We had been told one time frame, by 2 different people at the agency that had us waiting by the phone all week for news. When I finally broke down and called our consultant, she told us it would be another 3 months before we hear anything. Ugh. OK, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" so I can do this. So, no news yet.

However, the last time she gave us a 30 day time frame, that step took 2 days!! Am I wrong to hope that she is wrong again? Better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best, I like to say.

Today's Lots of Kids post...

Back to School:

This week the kids started back to school.

It hit me this summer pretty hard that I now have a middle school student! He is such a wonderful young man and I am incredibly proud of his accomplishments. The very first day of school, he came home to announce that he wanted to try out for the fall play. Oh my, I am so excited. I loved drama club as a student, and I am so happy that he is getting this opportunity. He can't decide if he wants to act or be on the lighting crew.... Haha, must be my kiddo alright.

Our oldest daughter is now the big kid of the family at the elementary school, and she takes her "responsibility" so seriously. She has taken it on herself to walk her kindergarten sister to her classroom. She is blossoming into a very responsible young lady. Somewhere a switch was flipped and she went from carefree little girl to being concerned about everyone around her and doing her part to help out on her own initiative. Wow!

Not to worry, we still have two carefree little ones... The younger two kids are kindergarten and first grade, and they just like school for snack time and recess.

I am enjoying each stage. Every year I think that this is the best stage for kids, but as they grow, it just keeps getting better. I guess sometimes it is good to be wrong. :-)

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