Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Not Right

It is not right that
...146 MILLION children are orphaned
...146 MILLION children sleep at night with uncertainty about tomorrow
...In a world where medical life saving break-throughs are phenomenal, children die for the lack of basic immunizations
...In order for a waiting family to be blessed with an adoption referral, that precious child must lose all they have ever known
...The number of world wide orphans increases faster than the number of adoptive families
...Loving, wonderful, potential parents are deterred from adopting because of the initial up front legal fees
...Millions are hungry
...Millions are oppressed
...A 3 year old is labeled "hard to place" because so many parents only want babies
...Sibling groups are split up because it is "hard to place" a set of 3 or more siblings
...We bicker about politics instead of setting aside the rhetoric to feed, clothe, and place those in need

It's Just Not Right.

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