Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Fall

Sorry, it wouldn't all fit in one picture...

My kid thinks I'm cool...

Yesterday, I was the "coolest mom in the world!" Yes, I know, this was in between being the "meanest mom," and dealing with the bouts of "I wish I didn't have a brother!" But, for just a moment, I was "cool." Wanna know why? This week I finally got the fall decorations up. Over the last few years, I have slowly been building my seasonal decor, and this years' focus was fall. Mind you, tight budgets don't allow for a lot, but it forces me to stick with stuff I really like so it is a good thing. Hobby Lobby had fall stuff 50% off, so I added a few little odds and ends to get it the way I wanted, and I got our dining room nook done yesterday. We now have a little pumpkin patch complete with fake leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, pilgrim turkeys, fall colored flowers, and a hay bale. I pulled out the fall dishes; and I put a scarecrow wall hanging by the front door, little ceramic pumpkins by the fireplace, and a fall garland on the front living room window. It may seem cheesy to some, but I love this stuff. Anyway, last night, and then again this morning, my 11 year old son said, "I love that you made the whole house look like autumn. You are the coolest mom ever." Now, all of my kids noticed the decor, and laughed at the silly scarecrows and turkeys, but Jackson really appreciated that I went out of my way to decorate the house. There aren't a whole lot of times I get thanked for being a mom, or doing the routine stuff around the house. In the past, I have decorated for me. It is something I love to do. It gives a whimsical, homey feel. It is a visual adventure to look at the little details, and smile at silly turkeys dressed like pilgrims. I have been warning Scott for a long time that eventually, I'd love to be able to decorate for each season like this (except for Christmas, which takes a week to put up all the decorations, and takes over every imaginable space in the house, but that's another story). Jackson's comments just reinforced to me that I should keep it up. Sure, it is a hassle to pull everything out of totes, set it up, clean it up...etc. But, it makes our house a fun, creative place to be. And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to the funny farm

So, here I am. I am reserving this blog for my Lots of Kids blog posting. I still have the my other blog, and you are welcome to check it out too.

As for this blog. This is life with a full household. Some days it is chaos, and some days I am really quite organized. Most days are somewhere in between. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and welcome to my little corner of the world.