Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long time, No Blog

Yeah, I know. But, in a little way, I guess that means that we were too busy living life to sit and write about it, so I guess that is good. Anyway, here's the summer update...

Jackson turned 12. That in and of itself makes me stop and think, "Whoa, where did time go??" He is such a wonderful young man. He went through the Safe Sitter babysitting class at the local hospital last month, and he is very proud that he can earn his own money. So far, he has only watched his siblings, and only during daylight, with a neighbor on stand-by as his "available adult" and us attached to our cell phones. Go ahead and laugh, just wait until it's your turn and you will know what I mean. He babysat for the first time for 1 hour, and the second time for 3 hours. OK, that is all this mama can handle, and yes, we checked in several times during those times.

We had our 13th anniversary yesterday. WooHoo!! We had a lovely dinner at McCormick and Schmidt's. Yummy, yummy. And of course we spent the evening laughing about the past 13 years and how much we have changed.

We got our log in date with the CCAA for July 16, 2008. Now we are waiting for the seeking confirmation letter to arrive, hopefully this week or next. As far as the tentative timeline for our travel, we are hoping for October or November to bring home our precious little girl. We were able to send her a photo album, letter, and toy when we sent in the dossier, and she should have received it by now.

The two older kids had the well child doctor visits today, and they both were due for vaccines. Needless to say, they were quite comical trying to convince the doctor that they didn't need any more shots. Jackson went so far as to pull his arms into his t-shirt and say that he left his arms at home so he couldn't get any shots. Good for us, our family doc has a good sense of humor. He played along for a bit, but they got shots anyway.

Well, I guess that is the short version of the summer. Lots of sunshine and outside playtime, and splashing in the pool. School starts next Tuesday. If you need a little giggle for the day, picture sorting out school supplies for 5 kids in the middle of the floor, trying to keep track of the various lists with one kid or another saying, "Is that mine? How many do I get? Why does she get more than me?" with every item. Hehe. Makes me laugh anyway.

Until next time...

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