Monday, September 1, 2008

Kindergarten is "Too Long"

Jenna has been cracking us up this past week. She has had it with kindergarten already. Last Wednesday before school, she said that she wanted to stay home because "kindergarten is too long." Poor thing. School is interfering with the important stuff like play time. Well, she got her wish for a few days. Wednesday I got a call that she had developed a fever and sore throat, so she came home early. Unfortunately, the fever didn't finally leave until the middle of the night Thursday night, so she was home through Friday. In between telling me that she liked staying home to snuggle with me, she said that she wanted to go back to school. I think she decided that she would take kindergarten over an achy fever. I can't really blame her.

Then, last night at dinner, she said that she'd "do anything to get out of kindergarten" because it was "too long." Oh my, she had us all laughing. I asked her if she gets a rest time, and she said no but they do have nap time and she doesn't take naps anymore so she would rather be home playing. We assured her that the only way to get out of kindergarten is to keep going and graduate to first grade. She slumped her shoulders and told us that at least she gets to stay home Monday because it is a holiday.

One week down.... Not even gonna count how many are left.

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