Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One More Week

Well, it is almost upon us! One week from right now, I will be in an airplane on my way to meet our new daughter. Let's see, yesterday I...
... went grocery shopping to stock up the freezer and pantry before we leave so Mike and Cindy (who will be guarding the rest of the Funny Farm while Scott and I are away) will only need to pick up milk and fresh stuff while we are gone. The back of my truck looked like I was stocking a food pantry. I guess I was, Ha!
... took Cindy to the schools to make sure they had the proper contact information while we are away.
... received an email from our agency with our final itinerary and cost schedule.
... promptly drove to the bank to pick up a certified check for our expenses and overnighted it to CHI.
... let Jackson cook dinner for us because he asked if he could do it. We had homemade pizza, half cheese, half pepperoni, yum.
... looked at the suitcases in my bedroom and mentally checked off what I still need to purchase before we leave (again).
... Snuggled with my kiddos and watched a show before bedtime. I think I am missing them already.
... let my Jenna Boo sleep with me last night since Scott was away on business.

Right now, I am...
... excited beyond my ability to express in words.
... nervous, I hope she likes us.
... constantly thinking about trip details.
... so much in love with this little girl, I tear up just thinking about her.
... looking forward to 2 whole days in Beijing with my hubby sightseeing before we fly to her province.
... worried about making sure I can fit everything in the suitcases. Of course, all of her clothes and gifts will fit, I just hope I can squeeze in stuff for Scott and me.
... grateful to an awesome God, Emmanuel, Jehovah, Savior, Messiah, Great I Am, for the gift that He gave us in Jesus.
... thrilled that we get to celebrate our Savior's birth with Julia's "birth" into our family this year.
... humbled that God in all His infinite wisdom chose us to parent these 5 beautiful children.
... sad that in order for our new daughter to gain a family, she must give up everything she has known for the past 6 years.
... wondering what it will be like to see Julia in person for the first time.
... longing for the touch of her little hand in mine.
... wiping tears from my face as I write this, because that is just how all of these emotions break out of me.

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Jillienne said...

How exciting!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip, I would love to see pictures when you get home with your new daugther!!!