Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 9: Dec 20, Guangzhou

Disclaimer: Yes, I know I am a week behind in posting these and I am sorry. But really, I am just happy to be slowly catching up. :-)

We flew from Guilin to Guangzhou on the 20th. Our hotel was the White Swan Hotel, and It was absolutely beautiful. At home the kids reported that there would be a white Christmas, but here it was in the 60's, breezy, and a light jacket was all that was required.

This waterfall is in the main courtyard area of the hotel. The pond at the bottom is full of beautiful fish.

The hotel has the "Swan Room" on the ground floor, it is a very nice, clean, air conditioned play room. We spent a little time each day here playing with new friends, and meeting up with a very special old friend too. One of Julia's friends from her school was adopted by another American couple through another agency, but we were able to exchange info with them in Guilin, and met up for dinners and playtime as we both completed our adoptions.

And the pictures just wouldn't be complete without pictures of Julia's first ever plane trip.

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