Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 10: Dec 21, Free day in Guangzhou

This day we went on a little sightseeing and shopping expedition. Juila and Daddy were sporting new sunglasses for the occasion.

Our entire group at Memorial Hall in Guangzhou...

I didn't get pictures of the shopping center, but it was a huge, multi-story mall packed with a maze of shops about the size of a small storage shed each. Pearls, jade and silver jewelry were the specials of this trip, and we enjoyed finding a few deals for the girls.
After shopping, we met up with Julia's schoolmate and his new family for dinner at Lucy's restaurant. We let the kids share an American Fried Chicken dinner (chicken strips, french fries, and onion rings). Neither of them would eat the chicken, but they had a good time with the fries and onion rings. They had us all giggling with their dinner chatter, and clinking their apple juice drinks together before they drank. We were dining at an outside table, so when the kids were done eating, they got up and danced on the sidewalk next to us. Very cute.

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