Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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I posted over on Lots of Kids today. Here's a copy:

Bittersweet Changes at the Funny Farm:

These past few weeks have flown by at warp speed. We received our official referral phone call at the end of Oct, even though we knew who our daughter was because we picked her from the waiting child list. Friday, we had our confirmed travel authorization and US consulate appointment, and we purchased our international plane tickets to pick up our new daughter in China. Scott and I will be leaving Dec 10 and arriving back home late Christmas night with our precious new daughter. The kids are all excited, and I just cannot wait to go get her. But, there is also a little sadness as I prepare to leave 4 kiddos behind. I think I am missing them already.

So, how do we prepare for the holidays and make sure it is all done before we leave? Good question. The answer seems like a comedy bit. First, I should disclose that we decorate like crazy for Christmas: full size Christmas trees in each bedroom, lights and garland on every bit of stair railing, a 12 foot tree in the living room, and a "winter scene" above the kitchen cabinets. It takes a good solid week to transform the house. But, before we can get to Christmas decor, there is a "fall scene" above the kitchen cabinets complete with hay bail, scarecrows and turkeys dressed like pilgrims.

Originally we thought we'd be traveling Dec 4-18, so it all needed to be done by Dec 1. Two weekends ago, we started putting up the Christmas decor, but it is not yet Thanksgiving, so I cannot take down the "fall scene" yet. This past week, our home has been caught in a home decor tornado. Christmas trees, garland, nativity sets, scarecrows, hay bales, and turkeys. It is kind of funny to look at, and I feel like we are in perpetual transition. I guess we are. This weekend, the scarecrows and turkeys will be replaced by snowmen and mini alpine trees. Thanksgiving turkey thawing in the fridge, and Christmas ham sitting in the freezer. Talk about holiday overload!

Christmas presents to and from family are all purchased, and the final gifts will be wrapped tonight. Santa has been advised that these kiddos are having a very special Christmas this year, and that they will probably be a little bit sad Christmas morning because they will have to wait all day to see Mommy and Daddy and sister. They will meet their new sister on Christmas night, so they must have been very, very good this year to get that kind of special gift. And, Santa knows that Mommy and Daddy will be very weary from traveling for 24 hours to get home in time to have Christmas with all five children together. Santa's elves have assured us that Santa understands, and he is sending his very best elves to make sure all the preparations will be taken care of just like we always do and that all will be ready for Santa to arrive on time. This is a very special holiday season indeed.

As far as blogging goes, for those of you who have been following our adoption adventure, I will try to keep the Funny Farm blog updated as much as I can while we travel and adjust to our new life as a family of seven. For our faithful (and new) Lots of Kids readers, I wish you the absolute best holidays this year, whichever customs you celebrate I wish you a season of thanksgiving and joy. I just wanted to make sure I said that now because Dec will be a different kind of world wind at the Funny Farm, and I can be forgetful at times.

OK, next time, we'll talk laundry. :-)

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