Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Big Brown Stork came to my house

Patience is not my strongest attribute. Scott and I were completely tired of waiting. It was after 3:30 and the kids were home from school before the truck came, but it finally arrived. I was on the couch attempting to read a book when I saw it stop in front of the house. I must admit I was probably a sight, trying to kick off a quilt while yelling, "UPS, UPS, UPS truck!!" Scott made it down the steps from the dining room pretty fast, and he barely beat me to the door. We both met the UPS driver on the front step, as he walked up the driveway. I refrained from tackling him right there on the driveway. I was pretty impressed with myself for the level of restraint to stop and stand on the front step. We thanked him, and I had the package ripped open before we even turned around to come in the house. (Deep Breath).

We made it in the house, and pulled the precious pieces of paper out of the envelope. (Another Deep Breath). Sitting on the sofa, we looked at each page in the packet. The Letter of Seeking Confirmation was printed in Chinese and English with a big red seal on green paper. Oh, how pretty it was. Even better, were the words on it. We were officially matched with our daughter. We had to check a box stating that we would accept the referral. (Like we would say no??? No way!)

We signed all the papers and filled out the different documents, and then Joseph, Jenna, and I were off to the post office to overnight it all back to St. Louis. We made it in the post office doors just before closing time, and off went those pretty papers. Pretty, pretty, precious papers.

Wow. God's timing is still perfect.

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