Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiting for the Big Brown Truck

I cannot read a book. I cannot take a nap. I have already done laundry, and dinner is in the crockpot. I can barely sit still to type this out. I have looked out the window 125,643 times already this morning. Our referral paperwork (adoption lingo for the official file about our new daughter) left the UPS distribution site at 7:43 am, and is currently "out for delivery." My wonderful, dear hubby is patiently working from home this morning. He is accomplishing something while he waits. I am just sitting here. As soon as this is typed I will pace some more. You know if I pace and keep looking for the truck, it will magically appear outside my window. I do solemnly promise to attempt restraint when the truck arrives. I will try very hard not to tackle the driver as she or he collects my package and gets out of the truck. I will not promise to remain in the house. How scary would it be for the driver to see me running out the front door to meet him or her as they are descending the steps of the big brown truck?

I need to get back to pacing now.... More later.

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