Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of Another School Year

Every year I say that the previous year just flew by. This year is no different. Last week, Jenna had her very last day of pre-school, and Jackson had his 5th grade recognition ceremony on that same night. What is a mama to do?

We have had our kids through the church pre-school since Jackson was in pre-k. Jacquelynne did not attend because by the time she was old enough we were homeschooling and I sent her to the homeschool co-op instead. But then, we transitioned away from homeschooling and the 2 younger kids went to pre-school there. Jenna's pre-k graduation was the week before, and it hit me that we are really out of that stage now. Sad to see it go, and excited about what the future will bring at the same time.

The older kids have field day today, and a half day tomorrow is the last day of this school year. Jackson will be done with elementary and moving on to middle school. Oh my. It was only yesterday that we attended his pre-k graduation, wasn't it? What happened to the little boy who was fascinated by the solar system and could diagram the entire solar system in kindergarten? Now, he is heading off to middle school. He is such an amazing young man. He is still fascinated by science, and is the proud caretaker of his very own bearded dragon. He is an avid reader, and wonderfully creative. He is caring and compassionate. He is a perfectionist to the "T." If you haven't noticed, this is one very proud mama. I could not ask for a better young man.

Joseph is excited to move on to first grade. His reading and writing have come such a long way this year. We celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday. He is such a little man. He loves to dress in long sleeve button down shirts, and does his best to look "handsome." Forget the t-shirt and sweatpants, this little fellow is a snazzy dresser.

Jacquelynne will be moving on to 4th grade. She is quite the perfectionist herself. She is driven to master any mathematics challenge that comes her way. In her first two years of school, she hated math. It challenged her and was very difficult for her. Now, she thrives on achieving 100% on her timed tests and moving up to the next level. She has a passion for science that focuses on animals. She delves into studying animal habitats and relationships to each other. Her favorite TV station is animal planet and she is transfixed by the creatures highlighted by the animal experts.

And then there is my little Jenna Boo. She has been promoted to kindergarten. Isn't she the "baby"? What happened? She went from being carried on my hip at all times to running around with her best friend from next door. She cruises around the yard in the power-wheels cars. She knows her colors and shapes, and has begun to write out letters. She assures me that she is too big to take a nap anymore, but after a long hard day of playing she will still crawl into my lap and lay her head on my shoulder. She is at that age where her arms and legs have lengthened out and she lost the toddler shape a while back. She is a little girl excited to be joining the "big kids" at school, but will secretly whisper in my ear that she will miss being with me and she is afraid that I will be lonely while she is at school.

OK, so enough of the ramblings and nostalgia. We will celebrate the ending of another school year and look forward to the next one. Our school system offers a 4 week summer school enrichment program in June, and they will all be going into their new grades the first week of June. Then they will be off all of July and half of August before the fall session of school begins. There are so many changes coming, and we are all ready to jump in feet first.

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