Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lazy Morning and Wii

After cleaning the house top to bottom last week, we are enjoying a lazy, rainy morning today.

Quick update on last week's cleaning frenzy... 5 large bags stuffed full of kids clothes went to goodwill. Yippee!!! I *LOVE* cleaning out and purging stuff we can no longer use.

So this morning, we are playing Wii NASCAR racing. The kids are so much better than I am. OK, really, I am terrible at this game. However, playing with the kids is fun. My favorite Wii game is the Family Game Night set. Battleship is my game.

Gotta run now. Almost my turn.

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J. Money said...

Yo! Do you remember my "Millionaire To-Do List" by chance? I just updated it and wanted to let ya know that I've included you as a "member" from a comment you made on it last year ;) haha...

if you ever end up doing a post on your own pledges, def. let me know and I'll link back to it!

hope all is well,