Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I find that I have been following international news items more lately that I used to. Of course I don't have to hunt around for the news about the earthquake that hit China on Monday. So much devastation. So many injuries. So many lives lost. And somewhere in the aftermath, we have a little girl waiting to come home with us. Sometimes I feel completely helpless to do anything. All I can do is pray. And yet we have been promised that God will hear our prayers, and answer our needs. So, if you have a moment to offer up a prayer for those hurting, He has promised to hear.

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Scott said...

This is the time in which the Lord shows us just how much He is in complete control. As Erika and I await the time in which we can travel to get our daughter, I am humbled that this events in China, while devastating to say the least, that our daughter, as far as we know, is in good health.

As a man who thrives on being the "fix it" guy, I truly understand the greatness of God in these situations.

Please pray for the families and lo ved ones in China wo will need to turn the Lord in sorrow rather than praise because of this event.